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When Jesus asks us: "Do we love Him?" What is our reply?

Is it individual!

Is is whole-hearted?

Does our reply transform us?


It goes without much forethought, that the vast majority would reply with a resound: "Yes!"

Most of that majority would even go further and, like Peter, feel offended if Jesus repeated His question.

"Does' God know our hearts?"

"Can't His omniscience pick up what strong believers we are?"


Here's the nitty gritty:

God does know our hearts.

He knows how we feel, what we think and why we act the way we do.

Actually, He knows our motives better than we do.

Remember that Scripture that reminds us not to fool ourselves, for God cannot be fooled?

God know all.


Hence, if we say we love Him our actions must speak louder than words.

Do we praise in the light and harbor resentment in the dark?

Do we give without reward but seek praise deep inside?

Do we profess inclusion, but ostracize the stranger.

The Scripture clearly states that: "By your fruits you shall be known."


Loving Jesus wholeheartedly transforms lives.

It moves us from sad to happy.

It changes our outlook from hate to love.

It brightens our days and literally turns each practitioner's from upside down.


That's right we are practitioners of the love of Christ.

Our actions reveal our true love for Him.

The resulting positivity springs forth joy, peace, love...every aspect of the fruit of the Spirit.

The transformational power of genuinely living a life with love for Christ is astounding.

Your goals change; your motives are purer; the quality of your life drastically improves.


Does that mean that we do not suffer, get sick, experience difficulties or grow old?

I wish it did.

Sadly, as long as we live in a world full of sin, maladies will persist.

So, what exactly becomes the point?

Suffer maladies without Christ. Suffer maladies despite a loving relationship with Christ.

Here's the difference: a loving relationship with Christ brings hope. Therein lies the fruit of the Spirit again.

If I plant it, i will sow it.

Wow! That's an epiphany!


The transformational power of a loving relationship with Christ is astounding!

It brings about purity of thought.

It develops peace of mind.

It provides strength when we are frail.

It gives us joy in our affliction -- not to be happy but to be resilient enough to see our way to peace, resolution and often victory.


Most of us know the euphoria of being in love.

It changes our focus, puts purpose in our hearts and a spring in our step.

All we want to do is listen to that voice, do things for that person...pleasing them makes us happy.

We become committed to their ways and engage in their purpose.

We find joy in becoming their life-mate.


Demonstrating our love for Christ not unlike being in love...

Except, it lasting much longer.

With our eyes set on Him, our purpose becomes that of sharing His message with others.

Like the Samaritan woman, we abandon our past in hurry to share His message with others.

We become so attentive to His voice (the the Word & the Holy Spirit that His ways become our way of life.

God's joy becomes our strength; praising Him brings us joy -- even on the most difficult days.

Becoming one with  Christ transforms existing into living.

This is why I give my life to Him.

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