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Our Vision

To see our community commit to Christ freed from bondage and transformed by God’s Spirit



Our Mission

Bound to Christ Free to Serve



Lead Pastors

Rev. Johnny Bonilla and Melba Bonilla


Founding Fathers

Rev. Gilberto Novales and Antonia Novales
Rev. Miguel A. Mercado and Candida Mercado




In each of our services, we engage in a time of worship, fellowship and exploring the Word of God.

English translation is available upon request during the 12:45 PM Sunday Service and the 7:30 PM Wednesday Service.


Order of Services

Sunday, 10:30 AM - Sunday School 
Sunday, 12:45 PM - Spanish Worship Service 

Sunday, 4:00 PM - English Worship Service
Monday, 7:30 PM - Prayer Service
Wednesday, 7:30 PM - Damas y Caballeros Service 
Wednesday, 7:30 PM - Children’s Service* 
Thursday, 7:30 PM - Youth Service (English) 


*Children’s Service is held every other week.


Board of Directors

Pastor:  Rev. Johnny Bonilla

Secretary:  Sagrario Torres

Sub Secretary:  Aida Darwish

Treasurer:  Leo Bonilla

Sub Treasurer:  Ismael Rodriguez

Vocal I:  Tony Santiago

Vocal II:  Damaris Smith


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