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Why Celebrate Christmas?


Celebrate the Savior of the world.

Born in a manger, far from a palace.

He left his throne in Glory to die for you and me.


Thankful to the Lord for His grace,

Grace that brings us peace.

Grace that looks beyond flaws & sets us free.


He took on a human body,

Suffering even more than we do

Jesus came to give the greatest gift: liberty.


Because of whom He is,

Because of all He does

Experiencing forgiveness deep inside of me.


This year has been a challenge

Our resilience tested strong

Relying on the One, who holds our destiny.


May the reframed hustle of the 2020 holidays

Not take away from the true meaning of the season,

Christ who came to save all of humanity.




Written by: Diana Colón

December 13, 2020 


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