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Spring 2020


A time of renewal with gifts of rebirth

The world seems so silent, yet time does not stop

Grass grows green and flowers bloom

Drab branches soon with color will pop.


2020 is different than other years

Social distancing is required and hearts fill with human fear.

New virus strain lurking …people full of questions, not sure what to do.

Prevention over cure is best; proven truth -- not so new.


A time of renewal no edict will stop --

Just look out your window, nature’s beauty you’ll see

Renditions of “How Great Thou Art” stream softly out of me.

In awe of God’s majesty, each of person should be.


The world reeks with questions

Knowing not what to do,

Yet, each believer can stand confident ---

God lives within each of us…including you.


Spring sings with the upbeat our hearts greatly need

Reminding us winter to spring will recede

Have faith in  God’s care for us; we’ll succeed

As the Song of Solomon 2:11-12 does read.


Written by: DLC 4/21/20

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